Our News:

    October 2013



      It goes without saying that we all experienced some rotten weather over lambing, but thankfully it wasn’t as bad as previous years! We have all but finished, just the odd few tail-enders to be tailed when they finally lamb!! Our Genetex flock scanned at 192%, and lambed a brilliant 160% overall; just going to prove what vigour the Genetex genetics provides. Our Texel flock scanned 175%,and lambed 145%, we put this lower scanning percentage down to the dry summer.


    Ram buying:

    Those of you, who we have dealt with over the last few years should have received our latest news letter by now. The selling of our rams will again take place in December (from the 9th), so be sure to fill out the form below and return to us by the 22nd November to ensure you get your rams!


    Other news:

    One of our more recent ventures is dabbling with the new breed on the block, Charollais. We have now had two lambings were we have experimented with the Charollais, and we have been very impressed with the results to date. The Lambs, once crossed over our Texels, have a notably superior growth rate and at weaning time were on average 5kg better than all the other lambs on the property. This year we will be offering ½ Texel x ½ Charollais 2th rams for sale.






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Stud ewes and rams are not give preferential treatment and are simply treated as per our commercial flock.



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